How to stay safe online!

1. What are the tips to help you stay more secure online ?

2. How to avoid COVID-19 online security risks ?

3. Tools to manage your privacy

Thanks for attending Muharrem’s Privacy Tips. It was very informative and the best

Q & A we’ve had so far. Privacy online is a huge concern for all of us. Muharrem went on to explain security issues for enterprise and contrasted this with internet security for individuals.

WATCH - Muharrem's 'Privacy & Security Online' Presentation

After giving his tips which included 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) & using tools like 1Password, he goes on to explain that we need to create 3 categories of security in our minds - High, medium & low.

Depending on the nature of the breach, it could be that using a bookstore but that being connected to your main credit cards [should be high risk] and 1 solution is a virtual credit card that is zero balance after the transaction/using a top-up card with limited funds on it that is separate from your main account.

90% of our attendees had a personal security issue that Muharrem confirmed his understanding of, then went on to explained some solutions. It was very educational and citing best practices (watch video).

I’m sure we’d like to welcome him to the group on a regular basis & to speak again!

After the Q&A, we spent 10 minutes chatting about tourism restarting issues in each of the attendees' cities; Barcelona, North & South Italy, Turkey, UK.

Thank you for attending & I look forward to your comments, questions and sharing on LinkedIn!



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