Virtual English Cafe - Chahrazade Belamine: Branding. USP. Optimising Sales during a Crisis

An interesting overview of branding from Chaharazade with open Q & A following.

Whether your brand focuses on the product, your company name or you as an individual, Chaharazade give some good examples and feedback. On the subject of USP we also get a discussion about why we need to know what competitors are doing.

Advice on marketing your start-up business during the cover era


1. What is Branding?

2. How do I find my USP?

3. How to optimise your sales strategy during the Covid-19 Era.

Angela B also gave us some great insights on how our brains work & why multi-tasking may not be the most productive way of working. Join us as we start to develop our own projects into viable businesses.

Giuseppe P - Want to create a business travel company. Based in Italy but regularly visiting clients in Barcelona. He always paid taxi-driver a fee for 2 hours of their time - taking him around to spot they recommended… Untapped potential? Sounds like a great idea for the business traveller.

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Thanks to Chahrazade Belamine for giving her time & short presentation. It was informative & educational.


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