Destination English - Virtual English Cafe (International Business Networking)

Hi, Hola, Merhaba, Ciao! Great connecting with you & thanks to those who attended our Virtual English CoffeeHouse meeting last week! Thanks to my guest - Modest (Project Manager) and all those interesting business people that attended. Virtual English Cafe A weekly meeting to help you practice speaking, try your elevator pitch & discuss business subjects, selling & promotion, the latest developments and expressing your ideas with a small group of international business people.

This is a great opportunity to network internationally. We hope to develop this group and help each other by discussing current issues and ways we can reach an international audience for our products & services. Drop me an email at for more info!

WATCH - Sample Clips of Our Meeting

Join me and say hello... bring a coffee!

I look forward to seeing you! Stay Safe. Zack

Drop me an email at for more info!


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