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Hi There!

I've been repeatedly asked by students to create some small bite-sized lessons that can be read/listened to while on the move, in your car, at the gym or while you're taking your morning coffee.

With your advice, I will create a format that works with content specifically required by business English learners.

I've put together the following series based on a kind of 'Netflix' structure. Check out the YouTube playlist and I welcome your feedback.

I've been thinking about the 5-minute bite-sized idea & inspired to create these 1-minute clips. Let me know what you think.

1. There are 4 x 1 min clips here, a sort of pilot/promo series: ***

2. Here are titles of full 28 clips (less than a minute each)

Series 1: EnglishRadio1_Intro to Zack .mp4 EnglishRadio2_weird questions .mp4 EnglishRadio3_travel advice_learn the lingo .mp4 EnglishRadio4_English not a phonetic language .mp4 EnglishRadio5_words get u into trouble .mp4 EnglishRadio6_beach vs bitch .mp4 EnglishRadio7_shit vs sheet .mp4 EnglishRadio8_cock vs coke (cola).mp4 EnglishRadio9_Weird Questions_time_2nd Conditional.mp4 EnglishRadio10_Weird Qs_Your Heroes_Gandhi .mp4 ______________________________

Series 2: EnglishRadio11_weird qs_respect .mp4 EnglishRadio12_WQs_true nature_kimono_food .mp4 EnglishRadio13_Ajit_Manga .mp4 EnglishRadio14_Japan_nolooting .mp4 EnglishRadio15_PV_1_grow up .mp4 EnglishRadio16_PV2_work out .mp4 EnglishRadio17_PV2.1_work out_2_training .mp4 EnglishRadio18_PV3_back up.mp4 EnglishRadio19_PV3.1_3.2_back .mp4 EnglishRadio20_PV4_put on.take off .mp4 ______________________________

Series 3: EnglishRadio21_PV5_end up .mp4 EnglishRadio22_PV5.1_end up_situation .mp4 EnglishRadio23_PV6_get on.mp4 EnglishRadio24_prep_in and on.on top of.mp4 EnglishRadio25_PV6.1_get on with someone.mp4 EnglishRadio26_story_my fathers.mp4 EnglishRadio27_study in London.Brighton.mp4 EnglishRadio28_go to UK_outro_bye.mp4

Write your email below and in a few days, I will send you the first series of 10 Clips over the coming weeks.

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