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First Impressions Count!

I get asked to prepare a client for an emergency job interview or meeting with a potential client, even the new boss. How you introduce yourself is going to have a great impact on your opportunities. I get students to use me as a test run!

Most of the time, we find some fundamental errors and better ways of expressing ourselves using the terminology from our industries. It puts us on the same page. I use the students' LinkedIn profile (which I can download from their profile page) to create a mock interview situation.

This role-play is very useful and will give you a lot of confidence. If you don't have a profile, I can help you re-write your CV.

I'm working with a new student from Barcelona. We are currently working on his LinkedIn profile. Last night he sent me his summary and told me he'd like to work on it.

It starts by introducing the area of work and a summary of how he sees his position. We spent 30 minutes going through the paragraph and 4 bullet points.

Original Text (LinkedIn Introduction)

Companies must evolve constantly in order to react to changing conditions, whether internal or external. In order to do that, a processes improvement management system should be set in order /implemented including the following issues:

  • Measurement system: to monitor performance, evaluate and prioritise areas whose improvement would improve business competitiveness.

  • Communication system: to share and guarantee the awareness within the company of the areas to be improved.

  • Data oriented meetings, separating what is important from what is not.

  • Improvement projects portfolio management focused on delivering value through quality and agile processes, based on TOC-lean 6-sigma principles and methodologies.

It was really difficult for me to read this. It was very taxing on my brain. It's possible that an employer could see your profile but then struggle to understand what you have written.

It would be a good tip to get a native English friend to read it for you and give you some feedback. I've done this many times and found that I really need to interview the client and try to understand exactly what they are trying to communicate, before re-writing any text.

And here's the same text below after a 30-minute session. I asked a lot of questions to try to understand exactly what the student was trying to express. Below is the finished Introduction. The differences are subtle but enough for a reader to decide to stop reading... or to read on.

Finished Text

Companies must evolve constantly to suit changing conditions, whether internal or external. In order to evolve, a process improvement management system needs to be implemented including the following areas:

- A Measurement System to improve business competitiveness: by monitoring performance and evaluating areas that can be improved, e. g. order processing, invoicing or delivery times.

- An Internal Communication System to deliver the KPI to appropriate process owners and stakeholders with security clearance.

- The facts and figures to be the focus of the meetings, not opinions.

- Improvement projects (portfolio management) focused on delivering value through quality and agile processes (based on principles and methodologies TOC-lean-6 sigma).

First Impressions count!

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