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Short Modules Intro

Short Modules

Job Interview. Presentations. Accent Perfection. Conversation. Social Media Update.


Improve your business English skills as well as your spoken fluency.

A series of short courses to get you up to speed quickly.

These specialised modules will help you to prepare for a specific situation. I have taken all my experience in 20 years of teaching English to bring you the most direct way of achieving your goals with confidence and conviction.


It’s good to have short-term objectives too. We all have our yearly goals but having short-term ones will help you to keep on track & plan your year by dividing it into quarters, Q1 – Q4. This will help you keep on track with your English fluency goals and your yearly objectives. I’m going to propose a schedule that will suit you and show you how

to self-study to maintain your focus. These courses are designed to

open up international opportunities for you.

Job Interview


One-to-one English lessons with a highly qualified teacher. Your teacher will prepare an individualised plan and prepare you to get in front of a CEO.


  • Max group size: 1

  • Min age: 18

  • Course duration: 8 hours

  • £480



Giving a presentation in your own language can be difficult. So imagine if you have to give one in English. I work with business people who are in startups or development projects and are looking to attract further investment. If you are pitching or think you will be in the near future, then there are definite improvements you can make to attract your investors

Demonstrating your use of Business English will give them confidence in the growth and internationalisation of your product or service.

  • Max group size: 1

  • Min age: 18

  • Course duration: 8 hours

  • £480

Accent Perfection



Whether you're giving a presentation, talking to clients or participating in meetings. This programme will give you the confidence to speak and be understood


We also help you by correcting and making you aware of pronunciation mistakes. The first step is to do a diagnostic to find the problematic vowel sounds and bring attention to them when you read. This systematic approach will eliminate up to 80% of the issues and dramatically improve your accent.

  • Max group size: 1

  • Min age: 18

  • Course duration: 8 hours

  • £480


With our online courses, we can help you to focus on what areas you find difficult and create a program based around that. We specialise in helping students speak English for work, career or leisure and travel.

With correction and pronunciation, we will guide you on your way to fluency. 

  • Max group size: 1

  • Min age: 18

  • Min duration: 16 hours

  • £960





Which social network platforms are you on?


We can start by taking a look at your LinkedIn profile. Then select 5 more platforms and begin putting them together!


I'm here to guide you to select the best ones for you and implement a digital strategy. There are tools to manage and post to multiple platforms. Get ideas for creating content and where to find appropriate content.


  • Max group size: 1

  • Min age: 18

  • Course duration: 12 hours

  • £720

Social Media Update
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