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Zack is an experienced executive and International teacher/trainer, he has more than 20 years experience teaching in the UK, Spain & Turkey.

Zack has taught a wide range of students in a variety of private schools. For the last 3 years, he's devoted time to providing courses in English for his private students, who are mainly professionals from the Business, medical and legal sectors.

1. Look for Graded Readers. Publishers like Oxford Bookworm, Black Cat, MacMillan, Penguin have books graded to your grammar level



2. Follow the instructions on this link, and find your real reading level.



3. Buy some books to take home with you. We can highly recommend this list from Oxford Bookworm series, from Starters to stage 6. (Download list of titles by clicking the image below)

Oxford Bookwork Series Titles

Golden Rule 1: Read Read Read

The most powerful form of self-study and I can't overstate the importance of reading 'for your level'



Click the image below & follow the instructions to test your English Reading level. I suggest starting at Level 1 & trying both tests at each level until you can score between 80%- 95% consistently, this is the level for you!



REMEMBER, reading should be fun! You don't have to sit with a dictionary. If you read the glossaries before you start a book, you should have most of the necessary vocabulary.



NB. You strong Intermediate students and above - You should only be using a MONO-LINGUAL dictionary.

 Zack Qureshi

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