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Giving a Presentation takes preparation

Zack Qureshi MIEx(Grad), TESOL Certified Teacher

English Language Consultant

Experienced Executive and International teacher/trainer, Zack has more than 15 years experience as a teacher in the UK, Spain & Turkey.

He has taught a wide range of students in a variety of private schools. For the last 3 years he has devoted time to providing courses in English to his private students, who are mainly professionals from the Business, medical and legal sectors.

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​​Areas of Expertise:


  • Phonetics

  • General English

  • Elementary-Intermediate

  • Pronunciation

  • Roleplay & Acting

  • English for Business

  • Presentation Skills

Giving a presentation in your own language can be daunting. So imagine if you have to give one in English. I work with business people who are in startups or development projects and are looking to attract further investment. If you are pitching or think you will be in the near future, then there are definite improvements you can make to attract your investors

Demonstrating your use of Business English will give them confidence in the growth and internationalisation of your product or service.


I can also provide you with the terminology from your industry as well as working on some light-hearted anecdotes to entertain your audience. The feedback stage will only be effective with careful preparation. Look at the checklist below. As you prepare your own presentation, I can make sure you are organizing the presentation logically by referring to the checklist.


Presentation checklist

The speaker:

– welcomes the audience

– introduces him/herself

– explains the purpose of his / her talk

– explains how the talk is organized

– introduces each new part of the talk

– checks the audience understands

– refers to visuals – finishes the talk

– asks for questions.


Students should copy this checklist for future reference. It will help you to recognize how a presentation is structured.


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