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About Me

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​Helping you to Communicate Your Ideas & Speak Like a Native

"I specialize in helping companies and individuals improve their English. Whether it is for business, work or international travel. English is an important part of being in the global community. Helping you communicate your ideas on an international platform,  building a community, getting your messages out there and building connections with people that you can work with to make a difference.

I was servicing clients at the World Trade Centre, Istanbul, and have helped a number of business owners and founders to realize their global potential. I also give Private classes to students in sales and managerial positions who need English for their professional careers."


From my international business experience, I have put together a selection of short module courses; Job InterviewPresentationsConversationSocial Media Update.


For discussion & reading articles I use project management materials, we discuss; decision making, time management, mentoring, managing growth, amongst many other business-related subjects.

I specialise in Accent Softening (See my course 'Accent Perfection). By teaching Phonetics and, I can diagnose the issues & create an 8-hour programme that will enhance your speaking, understandability, British accent & confidence considerably.

Currently, I'm teaching 1:1 online English using Skype Lessons or Zoom.

Learn more with a free 15-minute consultation or try one of our trial lessons

Zack Qureshi MIEx(Grad),

TESOL Certified Teacher.

English Language Consultant
Online English Tutor

Fellow of RSA

Experienced Executive and International teacher/trainer, I have more than 20 years experience as a teacher in the UK, Spain & Turkey.

I have taught a wide range of students in a variety of private schools. For the last 3 years, I have devoted time to providing courses in English to my private students, who are mainly professionals from the Business, medical and legal sectors.

Areas of Expertise: 

  • English for Business

  • Presentation Skills

  • Digital Marketing 

  • Accent Perfection

  • Sales & Marketing

  • Phonetics

My Interactive Tools
I like to get to know the individual personalities of the group and have fun with them as well as use their knowledge to inspire a better class. I also look for hidden talents that their co-workers are unaware of. Learning must be fun to be effective and humour is a subtle art which can be developed and encouraged. 
As long as students are communicating and trying to express their ideas, we all learn new things. I'm happy to correct & facilitate while getting my students to speak 80% of the time.




I love travelling to new places and finding new challenges. I graduated in Export Marketing Management and decided I would need a second language. I chose Spanish and decided to go to Barcelona for a year to learn it... I stayed for 5 years! 


Next, I went to Istanbul, another Meditteranean climate. I was born in the UK, I found India's climate one extreme and the UK climate the other. I decided that my lifestyle was to dictate my profession and that I did indeed, favour the sun of the Meditteranean.


The ex-pat communities in both these destinations were active & I found myself in the middle, connecting the locals wanting to improve their English with other ex-pats that came to settle.


In 2015 I decided to take my work online. This year I have visited 3 of my students in Italy. Two in Milan and one in Venice. It has been an amazing experience to learn about a new culture and connect face to face with students I've been teaching online for more than a year!


In future, I would like to widen the net and visit other countries where English is understood but not spoken confidently. Perhaps by creating a student network in the new sharing community/economy. Returning Students Free 30-minute consultation.

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