We offer a wide variety of courses that aim to meet your needs, whether it is for future study or work, or because you need to improve your English in your job or just because you use English for holidays.


Who is the course for?

It provides effective training for students who need English for work, study or travel and can provide preparation for a number of exams:  IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC, KET & PET.

​Entry Requirements

There are five levels available: Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate, Advanced. Upon arrival you will sit a placement test to ensure that they are being put in the appropriate level in order for you to meet your learning objectives.
How many lessons per week?

• 25 lessons General English (GEA)
• 30 lessons 
General English (GEB)
• 20 lessons General English + 10 Private lessons (Intermediate to Advanced)

To receive more information about this course please contact our Programme Advisor at desteng1@gmail.com

Course Information


Course Length: Minimum 2 weeks, starts any Monday.

Number of lessons per week: GEA - 25 (18.75 hours); GEB - 30 (22.5 hours)

Maximum class size: 12

Level: Beginner (A1) to Advanced (C1)

Minimum Age: 17 (16 in January & February)

Afternoon Options
To study more intensively and focus more specifically on your goals choose one of our afternoon options.

General English + English for work (GEW)

General English + TOEIC (GET)

General English + Exam Skills (GES)

General English +One-to-one (GEO)


Course Information

Course Length: GEW, GET: 2 weeks, fixed dates. GES, GEO: 2 weeks minimum, starts any Monday.

Number of lessons per week: 30 (22.5 hours). 20 x General English + 10 x afternoon option.

Maximum class size: 12

Level: GEW, GES, GET Intermediate (B1) to Advanced (C1). GEO all levels, Beginner (A1) to Advanced (C1)

Minimum Age: 17 (16 in January & February)



Executive Mini Groups
  • Executive Mini Groups + One-to-One

  • English for PAs and Secretaries

  • English for Engineers

  • One-to-One Courses

  • Combined General + Executive English

  • Introduction to Business English

  • Tailor-made courses

All our business courses are designed for experienced business people who need to communicate effectively in English in their work. Our courses are tailored to your specific needs and develop the skills you need for use in your business contexts.
All of the courses are taught by trainers specialised in teaching business English.


Business Centre is a self-contained dedicated suite providing:
fully equipped classrooms
business lounge with daily newspapers and free tea/coffee
laptop and data projector for in-class presentations
wireless internet WLAN in all classrooms
interactive whiteboards
computer works station for your own self-study/business with free internet access and printer.


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Teachers' Courses

Our teachers' courses aim to meet your professional needs and are ideal for overseas teachers of English. They are designed to:

keep you up-to-date with developments in language teaching, expand your range of teaching techniques, encourage you to reflect on your personal teaching context.

  • Aspects of Teaching English (AT)

  • Language Methodology and Culture (EPC)

  • Content & Language Integrated Learning (CLIL)

  • Teaching Business English (TBE)

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We can provide specialised training in areas such as:

Engineering/technical subjects, 

management, marketing and sales, secretarial English, military English, banking and finance, computing, travel and tourism, aviation, medicine, law, 


University Preparation


The UK has a reputation for providing some of the best university education in the world. Because of this, many students come to Britain with the intention of studying at a British university.

We provide a range of courses to help you prepare for the English language exams you need to pass in order to be able to study at a university in an English-speaking country.

We can help you achieve the goal of studying at university in the UK by:

  • bringing your English up to the level required for university study

  • offering a full service to help you select and apply for the university of your choice

providing thorough IELTS examination preparation in order to obtain the score you need.

Summer Vacation

In addition to our year-round courses, we organises Summer Vacation courses at our summer centre, Loxdale. Loxdale is an attractive mansion house with its own gardens, sports hall and canteen about 5 km from our main centre.