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"I specialize in helping companies and individuals improve their English. Whether it is for business, socializing or travelling. English is an important part of being in the global community. Helping you communicate your ideas on an international platform,  building a community, getting your messages out there and building connections with people that you can work with you to make a difference.

I was servicing clients at the World Trade Centre, Istanbul, and have helped a number of Business owners to realize their global potential. I also give Private classes to students who need English for their professional careers."

Zack Qureshi

English Language Consultant


"It was much more productive than I had imagined."
Louis Tag - CEO

"Online Lessons with Zack are 80% as effective as face to face lessons."

Alessandro Bacci - Management Consultant

Online Business English (OBE-8)

Whether you're giving a presentation, talking to clients or participating in meetings. This programme will give you the confidence to use business vocabulary for your job and career advancement.


We also help you update your LinkedIn Profile/CV. Using this document as a template, we can also interview you to prepare for that new job interview by asking you questions to help you gain confidence in front of a CEO.

Teacher with IT Company Students
Course Subjects:
Business Idioms
Commerce Vocabulary
Industry Articles as Part Of Your Course
LinkedIn Profile Update
Developing your C.V.
Preparing For Meetings & Presentations
Exhibitions Abroad
Proof-Reading services
Help with your Website Translation
Help with Social Networks & Email Marketing