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Conversation Club

What Our Students Say:
1. Did you find the conversation club or phonetics workshop useful?
Julian: I found it very interesting because I could remember some important things I had forgotten and the phonetics made me realise how important is to have a correct pronunciation.
Xavier: Yes, I find it useful, because I could practise speaking English and I had somebody correcting me. Also, I got to know things I didn't know, like how to ask for "peanuts" instead of "penis." :)
2. What was the most interesting exercise for you & why?
Julian: I liked to have the opportunity to talk for some minutes, share with people and correct mistakes I usually do. I also liked to learn new expressions.
Xavier: I don't know, but maybe the reading part because I realised how slowly and bad it was.
3. Would you like to do more workshops and why?
Julian: I'd like to do new workshops because I need to practice, learn from other students and improve my skills.
Xavier: I do. Because I think it will help me to improve and of course to get to know people better. 


Students have the opportunity to speak speak speak! The teacher's role is prompting, asking questions and correcting basic errors to get you on your way to fluency.


Conversation Club Program - weekly speaking sessions lasting 90 minutes. Additional workshops are available e.g. 'Introduction to Phonetics workshop' (45 minutes).
Our profile students for this Club:
Who: Business People
Level: Intermediate
Needs: You will need or soon be needing spoken English for work everyday.
*Recommended for those needing to prepare for speaking English e.g. a busy executive. Get an interactive workout with a native teacher. I will correct all basic mistakes and correct pronunciation. I use pictures, games, tests and interview style questions.
  • Increase fluency
  • Interactive Exercises
  • Native teacher
  • Question and Answer
  • No Books-Take Notes
  • Pure Conversation
  • Everyday Topics

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