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Why Brighton?

Zack Qureshi MIEx(Grad), TESOL 

English Language Consultant

Experienced Executive and International teacher/trainer, Zack has more than 15 years experience as a teacher in the UK, Spain & Turkey.

He has taught a wide range of students in a variety of private schools. For the last 3 years he has devoted time to providing courses in English to his private students, who are mainly professionals from the Business, medical and legal sectors.

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​​Areas of Expertise:

  • Phonetics

  • General English

  • Elementary-Intermediate

  • Pronunciation

  • Roleplay & Acting

  • English for Business

  • Presentation Skills

Why Brighton?

I've lived and worked in Brighton. For those wishing to travel to the UK to study English, It's a relaxing environment full of interesting, friendly and approachable people.

As well as teaching and living in Brighton, I recommend it for its hospitality and seaside lifestyle. Something for everyone and only 45 minutes from London by train.

Learn To Communicate Your Ideas

"I specialize in helping companies and individuals improve their English. Whether it is for business, socializing or travelling. English is an important part of being in the global community. Helping you communicate your ideas on an international platform,  building a community, getting your messages out there and building connections with people that you can work with you to make a difference.

I was servicing clients at the World Trade Centre, Istanbul, and have helped a number of Business owners to realize their global potential. I also give Private classes to students who need English for their professional careers."


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