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Accent Perfecting

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This programme involves a reading level test and an introduction to Phonetics. There are usually 10-15 common issues that can be fixed with correction. I will show you how to dramatically improve your pronunciation in up to 8 weeks.

Zack Qureshi

English Language Consultant


"It was much more productive than I had imagined."
Louis Tag - CEO

"Online Lessons with Zack are 80% as effective as face to face lessons."

Alessandro Bacci - Management Consultant


Improve Your British Accent (AP-8)

Whether you're giving a presentation, talking to clients or participating in meetings. This programme will give you the confidence to speak and be understood. 


We also help you by correcting and making you aware of pronunciation mistakes. The first step is to do a diagnostic to find the problematic vowel sounds and bring attention to them when you read. This systematic approach will eliminate up to 80% of the issues and dramatically improve your accent.

Course Subjects:
An Introduction to Phonetics
General English  Vocabulary
Reading Level Test
LinkedIn Profile Update
Developing your C.V.
Book Selection
Testing for Results


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