If you understand English but are not confident enough to speak it in public or to give a presentation or sales pitch, then these courses are for you. If you have an intermediate level and feel you would like to speak English confidently in any given business situation; whether for meetings, interviews, conferences, traveling abroad or for your own professional development. We have a course that will finally give you the confidence to shine.



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senior management consultant

Online Lessons with Zack are 80% as effective as face to face lessons.


export management consultant

Zack is the ideal tutor for a linguistic path for fast learning. The teacher's skills are complemented by technological and app targeted tools. He knows how to assist during lectures and especially during the post lesson when you need to decide subject matter. He is very good in modulating the teaching programs based on your input skills and your reasons for learning English.



Before going to the UK I had some knowledge about English but speaking was a real problem for me. Zack advised me in choosing the right courses according to my needs and career. After just 3 weeks I felt much more comfortable speaking."



"I, as the founder of Destination English, began to devise a system to assess the students' real comprehension level and then set about devising a programme that would end their frustration and bring their speaking to the same level.''

step 1

Listening & Reading

Listening is necessary to become accustomed to the sounds of English. When we become familiar with its nuances we train our ears. Reading aloud with pronunciation correction is necessary to give you the confidence to speak correctly.

step 2

Understanding the text

Focusing on questions and answers with comprehension reinforces what we have been studying. Specialist Articles from Management Studies.

step 3


This is the last phase of the process. These are the stages in which to guarantee results. At this point it becomes absolutely crucial to practice the language you have learned.